How To Write 90,000 Words In 90 Days


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How To Write 90,000 Words In 90 Days

by Anika King

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‘How To Write 90,000 Words In 90 Days’ is an aid to writers, particularly those who need to write but never quite seem to manage to get around to the actual act of writing itself! It takes but one thousand words per day for ninety days to complete a ninety thousand word book. It takes less than half that time at twice the output. At a steady rate of three thousand words per day any writer, established or aspiring can complete the first draft of any ninety thousand word manuscript in but a month. It can be done easily, readily and by anyone. Here-in lies the brief, yet concise, Bum In Chair, Fingers On Keyboard, Now Get Stuffed World, I’m Going To Write—With, Or Without Your Support! guide to getting the job done!

Anika Kings delights with this simple, succinct and somewhat blunt guide on how to knuckle down and write!



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