Submissions: Authors & Artists

We Are Open / Closed For Submissions

Due to the number of projects we currently have in progress, NLB Books is presently closed for submission queries / ideas and concepts.  We will open again in September 2015.

We are interested in individual ideas for adult fiction, children’s picture books, poetry books, cook books, unique, specialist or unusual non-fiction works and/or photographic books.

How To Submit

Please initially submit only a brief, one or two paragraph synopsis of your story idea / concept either in the body of an emailed letter of introduction or simpler still, use the form we have provided below.

We will be in touch with you within the month.  If your idea sparks, we’ll let you know what we need and take it from there.  (Please don’t be disheartened if we cannot take on your project immediately.  We are only a small company producing a limited number of books per year at this stage!)

NB: Please do not submit your complete manuscript or story boards (particularly for children’s picture books) in this initial inquiry, though you are most welcome to attach a link to your website, dropbox or webpage if you feel you would like to show a relevant sample of your work. 

What are we looking for in our writers?

We’re not necessarily looking for published writers or published book cover / children’s book artists / illustrators.  We’re looking for unique ideas from passionate people who’ve been struck by their muse and are in need of a publishing outlet outside of mainstream publishing limitations!

Artists We Need…

At this point we are simply building our artists files.  Please use the form below to provide us with links to your website / webpages / dropbox .

Submission Guidelines

Full Submission Guidelines may be added in due course if we feel such is warranted, but for now simply utilise the form below and we will let you know what we need from there.

If you don’t wish to submit yet and would simply like to make initial contact, please feel free to utilise our contact form.

Many thanks,


NLB Books Inc

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